World Sports Alliance
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About Us
WSA-IGO was created following the adoption of the Rabat Declaration(2) in Morocco, in May 2007 by the Kingdom of Morocco, the Republic of Niger, and the Dominican Republic, and its subsequent presentation and registration with the Economic and Social Council UN-ECOSOC (E/2007/NGO/1)(3) in July 2007. By the end of 2008, WSA had grown to include 22 Member states and with the accession acceptance of three additional nations in January 2009, now comprises 33 countries with a combined population base of 574 million.

WSA gathers as members those countries who share its vision and objectives and who wish to collaborate with one another to achieve the Alliance's goals. Pursuant to the Accession process, the Sports and Youth Ministers of each Member state become the lead representative of their respective governments within WSA.
Our Executive Team
  1. Alain Lemieux - President

    Alain Lemieux - President

    Alain Lemieux is President and founder of the World Sports Alliance (WSA), an Intergovernmental Organization (IGO) currently counting 33 Member States with the mission of using sports, physical Education and Leisure (SPEL), as a medium to significantly contribute by supporting its Member States in achieving the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and, since 2015, in achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Prior to founding WSA, Mr. Lemieux was an inventor and entrepreneur, conceived and developed innovative products within the realm of sports, which he marketed successfully around the world through various entities he created and managed, including XL Generation International, Nu Green and Top Golf Inc., to name a few. With his background in the development and global marketing of sports products, Mr. Lemieux was drawn to the concept of global development through sports and it is this exploration which lead him to create the WSA to leverage the humanitarian potential of using sports as a catalyst to design and implement programs for the youth and to provide adequate sports community centers to facilitate the implementation, initially, of the MDGs and now of the SDGs. Amb. Alain Lemieux espoused the vision that, to differentiate WSA from other IGOs and to ensure its rapid growth and success, WSA would not require any financial support for the implementation of its infrastructures and programs nor for the WSA’s day-to-day operations, but rather, WSA would be established and operated as a self-funded and self-sustaining organization that would not only avoid placing a financial burden upon its Member States, but would assist them in their social and economic development. Mr. Lemieux’s forward thinking in the design and development of the WSA, was predicated on the creation of global partnerships, where WSA acts as the intermediary between the public and private sectors, bringing together UN Member States and private industry players so that they can mutually beneficially work together on social projects that would also provide financial incentives the by-product of which would generate economic growth and development within the territory of participating WSA Member States.
  2. Ralph Faraggi - Executive Director of the Office of the President

    Ralph Faraggi - Executive Director of the Office of the President

    With more than 35 years of legal, transactional and business experience, Ralph E. Faraggi, is the Director of the Executive Office of the President of the World Sports Alliance IGO, in charge of administrative and legal affairs. Though initially, Ralph's intentions were to pursue a legal practice as a corporate attorney, his education and professional experience would eventually lead him to his current role with WSA. His ability to multitask made him the ideal candidate to serve as the Director of the Executive Office of the President of WSA. Since 2010, he has been overseeing all matters related to the organization's administration, financing and daily operations. Mr. Faraggi is responsible for developing end overseeing the implementation of business and legal structures and assuring that WSA’s self-funding and self-sustaining socio-economic model is pursued in support of the WSA Member States achieving the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals and, since 2015, the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. In his role, he works on establishing the legal and contractual framework for all WSA projects including those in the sectors of Waste-To-Energy, Waste-To-Fertilizer, Mining, Oil and Gas and Aviation, all while setting an example for a high level of efficiency, integrity, dedication and respect in all WSA dealings.
  3. Gilles Klein - Secretary General

    Gilles Klein - Secretary General

    Dr. Gilles J. Klein is the first Secretary General and founder of the Secretariat General of the World Sports Alliance Intergovernmental Organization. Besides the President, he is one of the two executive heads of the IGO. He is in charge of the diplomatic, political and sports issues. He considers that the co-operation between the States, particularly with the developing countries, supports the creation of a common area, with its diplomatic, political, economic, human and sports dimensions, which can result in financing the youth sport. His blog summarizes his approach: Give some oxygen! To provide youth with better access to physical education, health, fitness, and sports. As a specialist in Sports Sciences, adviser of national and international sports institutions, and President of a publishing house, since 2006, Dr. Klein collaborated to the foundation of the World Sports Alliance, in conceiving the relationship between the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) and sport. Since 2008, as Secretary General, aside from the General Secretariat management, he fulfilled three main missions: 1. To create the World Centre of Excellence - Physical Education, Sports and Leisure – SDGsfurther to the United Nations’ decision in July 2007. 2. To invite the Youth and Sports Ministers of the developing countries to join the organization. To this date, WSA comprised thirty-three Member States. 3. To introduce the organization and its socio-economic model to the major sports organizations. He acted as keynote speaker at about thirty conferences during major international or national events.
  4. Sylvie J. Delpech -Cabinet Director of the Secretary General

    Sylvie J. Delpech -Cabinet Director of the Secretary General

    SylvieJ. Delpech is the Director of Cabinet and co-founder of the General Secretariat of the World Sports Alliance Intergovernmental Organization. She coordinates the General Secretariat, whose mission is to conduct the IGO’s various projects in the areas of diplomacy, politics, education, training and sport. She supervises the daily tasks of the cabinet: foreign relations, reports drafting, external and internal communication. She maintains the relationships with the organization’s national representatives. She coordinates the youth education programs and the training programs for sports executives to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through sport. She is graduated in philosophy, then linguistic and language sciences and administration and communication management, in particular in the field of public policies. She taught sociology and methodology. Since 2006, Sylvie J. Delpech collaborates to the conception of the youth education and sports executives’ training programs to the SDGs through sport.She co-organized the Rabat international seminar and was the writer of the seminar report which led to the Rabat Declaration and its presentation by the Kingdom of Morocco to the United Nations in Geneva, in July 2007. She conceived the programs of the World Center of Excellence - Physical Education, Sports, Leisure and MDGs. Since January 2008, she became founder and Director of Cabinet of the General Secretariat. From educational, her role diversified in three specific areas: political, technocratic and supervisor.
  5. Asa St. Clair - Treasurer

    Asa St. Clair - Treasurer

    Mr. Asa Saint Clair joined the World Sports Alliance (“WSA”) and was named Treasurer, as well as CEO of the commercial operations of the WSA, VO2 Global, in the Winter of 2016. Mr. Saint Clair has spent over 25 years in highly technical and complex financing worldwide. Mr. Saint Clair dropped out of Seattle Pacific University after being offered an opportunity in management consulting, rationalizing that the time spent at a consulting firm would provide a better business education than staying in school; that assumption turned out to be correct. Mr. Saint Clair worked on sales, marketing and financial tooling for small to medium sized companies specializing in fitness, golf, and sports recreation, even successfully turning around several distressed businesses that might have otherwise failed. Mr. Saint Clair started his career in Securities at the age of 20, becoming a Financial Advisor and being accepted into the Management Development Program with Fortis Investments, the US based arm of Dutch based Fortis Bank (now BNP Paribas). At the age of 25, Asa launched St. Clair Capital,specializing in securities investments, real estate and insurance. In 2007 Mr. Saint Clair became a Principal in the investment bank, Century Pacific Securities, where he was named Managing Director. During this time, Asa worked on a variety of firm initiatives, including the underwriting of multiple offerings of debt and equity, specializing in technology, energy and the mining sector. Mr. Saint Clair became a known expert in the 144A market and worked with the NASDAQ PORTAL trading platform on behalf of issuing clients. Portal grew to become one of the largest dark pools of capital in the securities industry. Asa has supported several philanthropic activities over the years, having co-founded a youth sports program that formed partnerships with Nike, Slam Magazine and Roc-a-Wear to name a few. These programs have seen multiple athletes go to college on scholarship and several have even gone on to play at the professional level. Asa was an advisor to the National Museum for Catholic Art and History, and was one of its largest donors. Later Mr. Saint Clair became Chairman of the Jimi Hendrix Foundation and worked on several intellectual property issues on behalf of the foundation’s charitable works involving a music learning program for school aged children.
  6. R. Rashaad LV Patrick II PhD – Sr. Global Communications Director

    R. Rashaad LV Patrick II PhD – Sr. Global Communications Director

    With a PhD in Marketing from NYU Stern, Charter and Cambridge specializing in social media deep current set theories; Dr. Patrick has been advising Fortune 500 companies in multiple areas of branding, marketing as well as political consulting for over 25 years to include directing communications for advocacy groups such as the Corporate Governance Initiative. American CBD Association, Soldiers for Change and other outreach initiatives building relationships and awareness opportunities with media outlets, volunteers, community organizations and coalition partners worldwide. Dr. Patrick serves the WSA by • Creating and launching press releases and marketing campaigns. • Driving corporate strategy and message development, pitch and announcement strategies. • Develoingp branding initiatives, internal communications, and external media relations. • Determining communications strategies and executing program objectives throughout the WSA-IGO. • Developing communication strategies for delivery of corporate culture and business strategy. • Managing media relations and maximize media opportunities. • Increasing and maximizing SEO for WSA-IGO. • Developing internal publications, planned publications, video, special projects, and assignments. • Creating rich and creative content that is optimized for search engines. Dr. Patrick is also responsible for creating communication strategies, overseeing and designing all multimedia narratives and implementations as well as serving as the key spokesperson and media contact for the World Sports Alliance Intergovernmental Organization.