World Sports Alliance
Intergovernmental Organization​
About Us
WSA-IGO was created following the adoption of the Rabat Declaration(2) in Morocco, in May 2007 by the Kingdom of Morocco, the Republic of Niger, and the Dominican Republic, and its subsequent presentation and registration with the Economic and Social Council UN-ECOSOC (E/2007/NGO/1)(3) in July 2007. By the end of 2008, WSA had grown to include 22 Member states and with the accession acceptance of three additional nations in January 2009, now comprises 33 countries with a combined population base of 574 million.

WSA gathers as members those countries who share its vision and objectives and who wish to collaborate with one another to achieve the Alliance's goals. Pursuant to the Accession process, the Sports and Youth Ministers of each Member state become the lead representative of their respective governments within WSA.